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A few words at the begining…

Note: The author is like most of the “sub-mountain” lover of winter, so the following lines are written with great emotional feelings.

Dear beloved friends and guests,

we are all regularly reported from many sources that there is a change in the season. Even our civilization has gone so far as to set the days for this change, whether calendar or astronomical, to apply.
More important is the hardly graspable inner feeling of each of us. You all know that. You are going to the autumn (not a prerequisite) forest for a little bit of saffron (of course, the white one), which is originally only in Šumava (if we observe the Novohradské Mountains, what we have just done) when suddenly the wind smells of snow. And then it does not matter whether it is August or November. Then something moves within you, your heart leaps, a smirkless smile appears on your face, and you just know it’s here. The winter is coming, despite the internet.

We have the same feeling, in Kubova Huť, when winter is saying goodbay. No matter how high the sun is, or if it was, or it will be March 20th. What is important is whether the hedgehogs begin to roam through the woods. In fact, a steady proverb has been created in the Bohemian Forest: It is spring, when the forests are pink.
This was almost symbolic this year in the afternoon of Easter Monday. And you can not fight it. With that, you need to make yourself comfortable and start enjoying this spring and summer season.

If you like to hike down the hills through empty forest paths, cycling in places where you will not even meet the little man (and if you do, you do not even notice because people are still very shy here), then the arrival of spring in Šumava may not be so much a difficult and sad affair. Boubín with its famous forest, the region around the upper Blanice river, the village where the time has stopped … whether you want to get to know the unknown, away from the main routes lying, or on the contrary, the most famous places in Šumava we have … if you want to do it yourself, without being watched by other tourists, your time is just coming …

Here are a few basic tips on our website in the Activities section.   The rest we would love to show you personally, above the paper map.

We look forward to you!